How Does a Good Cover Letter Look Like?

Characteristics of a Good Cover Letter

The job application process is challenging; you can only sail through if your cover letter is desirable. Your cover letter should be unique and give the recruiter a reason to consider you a valuable addition to the team. It should explain what makes you stand out and why considering you is the best decision.

You might be suitable for the advertised position; however, failure to have an impressive cover letter could lead to you being dismissed and not taken seriously. It is best to establish whether you have the required qualifications and skills before proceeding with a job application.

What Will Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out?

It would help if you always remembered that many other applicants are applying for the position; therefore, your cover letter should make you stand out. Here are the characteristics of an outstanding cover letter.

A Personal but Professional Tone

Most recruiters will require your CV and your cover letter during the recruiting process. You can list all your significant professional qualifications in the CV and use your cover letter to get more personal. Getting more personal entails giving details about why you are the best fit for the open position.

While getting personal entails allowing the recruiter to get a glimpse of your personality, it doesn't mean that you should lose the professional tone. Your tone should be professional all through.

It Helps to Show Interest in the Advertised Position

You should only submit your letter if it is tailor-made and helps the recruiter know that you are enthusiastic about the post. If the letter is well-written, the employer will know that you are excited about the position.

One That Can Answer Four Essential Questions

Your cover letter should be able to answer the following questions that your prospective employer considers critical:

  1. Are you prepared to handle the everyday requirements of the job?
  2. Are you interested in the job?
  3. Will you adapt to the company's culture?
  4. Will you contribute towards the development of the company?

If your cover letter can address the above questions, there is an excellent chance that the prospective employer will consider you for the advertised position.

Your Cover Letter Is Not Confusing

If you want to increase your chances, your letter shouldn’t confuse the recruiters, but instead, enlighten them about your outstanding capabilities. After finishing your first draft, you should proofread it to ensure that it’s sensible, and the sentences are relevant to your intended message. You might be too eager to impress the recruiter and end up using idioms and a language that is quite confusing.

Precise and Straight to the Point

While an excellent letter will distinguish you from the other applicants, it would help if you knew how to package your message in a concise but compelling way. You shouldn’t write a very long cover letter because the chances are that the recruiter will not finish reading it. It should not be more than a page long.

A well-written cover letter will help recruiters distinguish you from the other applicants. Ensure yours incorporates the characteristics above to increase your chances of selection.

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Simple Tips for Writing a Cover Letter For a Job

Steps that Lead to Excellent Cover Letters

Having the right skills is important if you want to impress recruiters. Unfortunately, most students and first-time job applicants make certain mistakes that cost them even when they are qualified. When writing your cover letter, make sure to apply similar strategies like you would a resume or CV. Some of the most common traits include having the letter stand out in a unique way as this is the best representation of your skills to the unknown recruiter.

What to Include

A great accompanying letter does not just happen since it takes work and sweat to create. This one-paged document must be submitted together with the CV, and should match the contents in the resume since it serves as a backup. To achieve this, make sure it captures the following:

  • Contact details right from the header
  • Greetings addressed to the recruiter
  • A hook that starts from the first paragraph
  • Proof of your skills and academic qualifications
  • Explain why you are perfect for the company
  • Always conclude in a formal way

Detailed Header

Be clear from the start which is the header that is both detailed and relevant. It should have the hiring manager's name if it has been supplied. Make sure this detail is on the right-hand corner, followed by your address and other relevant contact details. Your contact details include your official email address, social media pages, and phone numbers.

Salute the Hiring Manager

You are meant to be addressing the hiring manager which means you need to start with formal greetings. You can mention their names if they are known, or use a general salutation when greeting the manager. It is important to keep it official too.

Start Paragraph

Your first paragraph must be about creating the necessary attention. You want the person reading the cover letter to appreciate you for who you are. Use words that describe you best without going overboard. The most important thing is to ensure that you hook the reader right on.

The Cover Letter’s Body

The body of the content you are writing should be divided into three different parts. The first part should be a description of why you think you are best suited for the job despite the competition you face. There is a high likelihood that you are not the only person applying for this job hence the need to prove that you are the most deserving. Prove yourself in a way that the recruiter will not doubt you.

Why Should The Company Pick You?

While you may be an excellent candidate for the job description, you also need to fit the company’s needs. You must present yourself in a manner that shows you can seamlessly fit into its culture with ease. Find out what they need and apply specifically to match this. Your qualifications should be clear and undisputed.

The best cover letters are written following the steps above. Hire an expert to assist if you need to.

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Tips for Writing a Good Resume Cover Letter

Writing a Good Resume Cover Under One Hour

Anyone can easily write a great resume cover letter that will serve as an excellent backup for their resume or CV. You can increase your chances of getting a coveted job by writing a great CV and cover letter. These two go together and should be written perfectly if you want to beat the rest of the applicants'.

Tips to Consider for the Cover Letter

While it is easy to draft a letter that can easily pass for the cover that matches your CV, the trick to successfully securing the job you desire is to impress the recruiter in your letter. This means applying a few critical skills that professionals do. With these tips, students will also impress their tutors by meeting all the set requirements.

  • Powerful introduction that will linger in the reader’s mind
  • Be organized and present the content in an interesting and legible manner
  • Conclude with a call to action

Starting Right

One of the best ways to hook the reader, who could be a manager or recruiter, is to have a powerful intro that cannot be ignored. You should always go straight to the point by expressing who you are, why you deserve the opportunity being advertised, and why you feel you will best fill the gap. Once the recruiter is convinced that you are the perfect fit with matching skills, you are likely to be invited for competitive interviews, further increasing your selected chances.

Organization is Key

A resume cover is a great way to show the employer that you are an excellent team player with great organization skills, hence a valuable addition to their team. This means that you should take time to scrutinize the letter, ensuring that the ideas flow from one point to the next. Do not mix everything in one idea, especially if you consider that the one-paged letter must be concise and straight to the point. Have a few clear paragraphs whose message can be skimmed.

Let the Reader Remember You

A great and powerful intro is just but part of the letter. However, a lasting impression will depend on how you end the letter. Try to explain why you should be picked without being too forward. A great call to action will remind the recruiter of why they need to meet you in person just because you have proven to be an interesting person.

Use Legible Font

Once you figure out the content of your cover letter, ensure that the representation is one right. You need to choose a font size and style that is large enough for anyone to read at a glance. The letter's size is small; hence, it should be easily skimmed even when the recruiters have a lot of work to handle. Do not give them a chance to dismiss your application just because you appear disorganized.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, consider getting professional writing services from reliable online sources.

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Professional Tips for Writing a Stellar Cover Letter to Land a Job

What Makes a Cover Letter?

Most people begin the writing process without knowing what the intended purpose is. A cover letter is an additional document that goes together with your resume. It offers added information relating to your field experience.

A person states why they are highly qualified for the particular job post applied for through the letter. It is not about repeating what you have already said in your resume. After reading your cover letter, your employer should be convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that you are suited for the task.

As a newbie, it is advisable to view it as a sales pitch. What differentiates you from other job prospects? What is something different you bring to the table? These are some questions that you should answer during the writing process. 

Types of Cover Letters

Depending on the nature of the job, there are different classes of cover letters. It is essential to select a style fits the nature of the job.

  1. Application letter – The kind of letter is known for responding to a mainly known job opening. 
  2. Prospecting letter – The letter is known for inquiring about a particular position in the hiring firm
  3. Networking letter – It mains at calling for assistance and connections during your job search.

What Should It Contain?

Most students make a mistake of duplicating their resume as the cover letter. It is important to note that the cover letter is an independent document. Duplicating your resume only taints your reputation to the hiring committee. 

You should use the document as an audition piece where you introduce yourself to the hiring committee. It aims at creating a lasting first impression with the employer. In case your cover letter comes off as generic, it is highly likely to end up rejected by the hiring committee. 

A stellar document breaks down your career to give off a good first impression. Furthermore, it helps in determining the relevance of each skill about the job description. It helps create an evaluation of your skills. Use this platform as your first interview in front of a panel of judges.

What to Leave Out

Some details carry no weight, hence making them purposeless to add in your document. When going through the piece, you should feel satisfied you have given your whole personality to the committee.

Therefore, at no point in the document, should you state details relating to your family members in it. In case you lack the prerequisite skills needed by the employer, it is wise not to mention it. Go through your core skills that make you fitted for the job.

Do not include any details about the payment since it might make you come off the wrong way. It is not appropriate to ask questions relating to your role at firm or other benefits related with the job prospect.

Do not overload your piece with many words. Most employers search for concise information relating to your document. Therefore, keep it short and straightforward. Ensure you maintain the focus of the paper throughout your writing. Keep short paragraphs and concise sentences that are coherent and natural flow. 

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Definitions of Can Someone Do My Homework

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How to structure a Research Project

This document aims to guide you in the preparation of an academic work consisting of the design of a research project with pilot test, establishing the foundations that facilitate the tutorial work. Its structure must be complemented with the recommendations of the Teaching Guide of the module or subject for this modality (for more information go to it). A Project or Protocol of Investigation (PI) is a document that allows to go from the conception of a research problem to the implementation of the same (Contandriopoulos).

The sign (asterisk) means that at the end of the outline, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, you can find additional information on this topic.


  • 1. Title: Identify in about 15 words the main theme of the Project.
  • 2. Author: your name and surnames without abbreviating (ex .: María José López González).
  • 3. Tutor: your name and surname headed by the academic degree (ex .: Dr. Manuel Amezcua Martínez).
  • 4. Summary: structured, no more than 250 words.
  • 5. Keywords: around 6 according to the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) or the DeCS (Descriptors in Health Sciences).
  • 6. Index: a different page will include an index or summary that allows locating the specific parts of the work, stating the main epigraphs of the same and the page where they are.


Introduction. You can organize it based on the following ingredients:

Conceptualization of the problem. Follow the following sequence to explain it:

Field of study: In what general subject is the problem registered?

Origin, what reasons have led you to study this matter?

Importance , why do you consider that this issue should be studied? Are there epidemiological or statistical data that inform about its dimension?

Research question: includes a question that refers to the knowledge you want to obtain (then you will transform it into the general objective)

Pertinence , briefly defends the need to carry out this study by identifying who are the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the knowledge you obtain.

Antecedents and knowledge gaps. You must describe the works that you have located about the study problem through the bibliographic review . Resign them critically , taking into account that you have to consider with preference the recent (around 7 last years) and important . This part has had to be based on a detailed search in the main bibliographic databases related to your field of study.

It also highlights those more specific aspects for which there is less information available or that have not been studied previously (knowledge gaps).

Theoretical framework / hypothesis. Complete the introduction incorporating your theoretical framework, in which you make a basic presentation of the concepts, theories, models, etc., that are directly related to the topic you are addressing.

In experimental or intervention type designs, a hypothesis must be included, in which a cause / effect relationship that can be verified empirically is exposed.

Objectives. Write the objectives clearly, in infinitive and affirmative. Clarify what you pursue with the work you intend to do, which is obviously in keeping with the desire to answer the research question posed above. They are enunciated with verbs that allude to the acquisition of knowledge: describe, explore, analyze, identify, know, understand, etc.

General: is consistent with the research question.

Specific: they try to detail the general objective and are coherent with the specific aspects that will be studied (variables or dimensions).

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Explain as thoroughly as possible the research design that you will use to address the study problem, providing all the details necessary for its understanding (enough for third-party researchers to replicate). You can follow the following scheme:

  • Type of study.
  • Location (place where it will be done).
  • Population, sample, inclusion / exclusion criteria, subject selection, etc.
  • Variables
  • Sociodemographic variables (those that serve to characterize the selection of subjects).
  • Tentative dimensions or variables of the study.
  • Methods and techniques of data collection.
  • Analysis of data.
  • Ethics.
  • Limitations of the study.

Pilot test (survey). Its purpose is to test the methodological design, facilitating the necessary adjustments to address the study with rigorous guarantees. Therefore, the scheme we propose has to be understood in relation to the pilot test and not the research as a whole, although it is possible that the data obtained can be incorporated later.

Selection of subjects. Generally a very small number of subjects with a discrete level of representativeness would be sufficient (15-20, 5 in qualitative designs).

Application of the method. Describe in detail each of the stages, with special emphasis on the data collection instruments and their analysis. When describing them, it is necessary to expose, if any, the concrete methodological adjustments that entail their improvement.

Results Although they are scarce, the results will be sufficient to determine the power of the instruments to generate them once the investigation is carried out. Do not underestimate their value, since in most cases they inform us about the main trends or tentative dimensions, which may be incorporated into the final design. In most cases it is a matter of checking whether the aspects studied are witnessed in the results, regardless of the proportion or frequency in which they appear.

Discussion. A previous comparison of the results with other studies can help us determine the degree of novelty that we can attribute to them.

Conclusions Maybe we can only make assertions of a speculative nature, but we can make a general assessment about the ability of the design to answer our research question.

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How to finish research paper?

Operational planning

It is about clarifying under what conditions we are going to carry out the IP, its people in charge and with what resources. It must be taken into account that the IP must be feasible, that is, that it be viable in the environment and with the available means, as well as in the established time. This section may not be fully or partially required in some academic work modalities.

Duration of the project and schedule In what time and what are the concrete phases of this PI? A prioritized structured calendar of activities is expected that follows a logical and sequential order. Complement with a Gantt chart.

Work team Who will participate in the development of the IP and what will be the tasks that will be assigned to them? In some cases, the academic curriculum of the Principal Investigator (responsible) and the rest of the researchers may be required, emphasizing other previous projects and publications, patents, etc.

Resource plan With what resources do we have (personnel, equipment, goods and services, etc.) and what resources would we need to execute the PI? The contribution of a detailed and justified budget is expected.


Bibliographic references (according to APA style or Vancouver style). You must be very meticulous and rigorous in the correct wording of each reference, avoiding combining styles. All references cited in the text should appear in this section, and all references should appear cited at least once in the text.

Annexes. Materials may be included that, due to their special density or configuration, should not be included in the text, as this would hinder their reading (diagrams, very dense tables, etc.). All annexes must be cited in the text.

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How can I argue the importance of a Research Problem (PI)? In general, the importance of a PI is determined by the impact it has on health care. You must do it in the most objective way possible, based on documents that will be part of the bibliography. Some types of documents that may be of interest:

  • Epidemiological or statistical reports (particularly the reports of health institutions or the hospital itself).
  • Reports made by scientific societies (consult their web pages).
  • Health plans of the health authorities, both at the national and regional level (review institutional platforms, as there are numerous reports on health problems that they consider to be priorities).

How do I know that the Project is relevant? It is determined based on its adaptation to the priorities of the organization and the potential impact it has on both the citizen and the professionals. The project is expected to improve some health outcomes or quality of life in defined population groups, which, due to susceptibility or frequency of the problem, are especially vulnerable to it. It also provides alternatives to problems in the organization and the provision of health services, with an innovative and evaluable perspective in terms of cost-effectiveness. And also that it has a positive influence on the models of professional practice.

What databases can I use to perform the bibliographic search? Search specialized databases in the field of health. If you search in CUIDEN and in CINHAL, you will access 80% of the knowledge available in Nursing. In PUBMED, IBECS and in MEDES you can find works from other disciplines besides Nursing. In COCHRANE you can find systematic reviews (a good luck if you find one that is very related to your topic). Through DOAJ, SCIELO, CANTARIDA, DIALNET and GOOGLE SCHOLAR you can find the full text of the articles. More information SEE

Use selection criteria to limit searches, such as: subject area, type of study, type of documents (original articles, clinical cases, reviews, monographs, etc.), time limitation (scientific knowledge is considered to tend to renew for periods of 7 years, keep it in mind), language, etc.

What does CRITICAL ANALYSIS mean? It means that what you are going to obtain from the documents that you select will be presented, because of the interest you have to better understand the topic you are going to discuss. Therefore you should only review those data that serve to enrich your work, but not the rest.

How do I know which are the best documents? Learn to distinguish the main authors of other occasional authors. Locate the expert authors looking at the most cited among the bibliography that you locate. Often the best articles are published in the journals with the greatest impact, see the list of most cited journals in the JCR-SCI, SCOPUS or CUIDEN CITACION catalogs (

What if I do not find enough articles about what I’m looking for? One of two, or the search you have done is defective (most likely), in which case you have to continue trying with new strategies, or there is a knowledge gap on the subject. If so, describe it when you describe the background.

But do not settle, there may not be much about the specific problem that you will study, but there will be about the general theme in which it is located.

How can I identify the theoretical framework? What you are going to do with the theoretical framework is to clarify the theoretical perspective of the parties when raising your work. The ideal is to do it in two parts:

a) Anticipate the result you hope to achieve. What is your conviction? Do it by establishing a theoretical relationship between a cause and an effect, for example:

This work is based on the conviction that the limited recognition of family care is socially determined by the moral obligation of women as caregivers.

b) Complete the theoretical perspective with the support of higher-level theories that expand the understanding of the phenomenon of study (nursery theories, socio-cultural theories, etc. In the previous case, gender theories would be a good option).

What style should I use in the drafting of the IP? Use the 3C strategy: clarity, conciseness and correction.

  • Clarity means that the reading of the text will be pleasant, avoiding unnecessary technicalities. Fleeing the farfetched language (it is about impressing with content, not with verbiage).
  • Concision responds to the saying “good if brief, twice good”. Limit yourself to the ideas that are strictly necessary, avoiding overwhelming the reader with additional content that only contribute to sow confusion.
  • Correction means that what is written should follow what is expected in a well-constructed text from the syntactic and orthographic point of view. Everything you present during the tutorial period is of a provisional nature, but try to do it right from the beginning and you will gain time (for example, if you write down the bibliography properly from the beginning, you will avoid mistakes). Always write neatly, avoid typographical errors and spelling mistakes accompany you throughout the process or you will get used to them.
  • How do I avoid typos in the text? Errata have a vital effect on TFGs, so we are going to make an effort to combat them with energy:
  • If you miss an errata, you will probably find it in the final version of the document. Therefore you have to get used to writing correctly composed texts from the start.
  • Neatness refers to the composition of the text, which must be free of typographical and typographical errors.
  • Automatic scripts and epigraphs are often a source of mismatches in the text, so it is advisable to rationalize their use. We recommend that you learn to do them manually. Never lose control of the text.
  • Expecial emphasis on bibliographic notation, learn soon to reference the bibliography properly, it is a major source of errors. Bibliographic managers can help, but also contribute to hinder learning.
  • Before sending the text, even if it is only preliminary, you should review it in a thorough manner. It is not enough to trust the automatic corrector of the text, you have to review it again and again until everything is OK.

Can I work with texts from other authors without incurring problems of plagiarism or piracy? Yes, but keep in mind a sacred rule: never use the COPIO-PEGO system or in the end you will not know what is yours and what is not. The right thing to do: read several times until you become familiar with the text you have selected, write down in a separate file the main ideas with your own words and identify the bibliographic reference of where you have taken them.

If you decide to enter the literal text of someone, try to indicate it in quotes, always identifying the author. You should not include literal paragraphs greater than ten lines, to avoid conflicts over copyright.

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