How to finish research paper?

Operational planning

It is about clarifying under what conditions we are going to carry out the IP, its people in charge and with what resources. It must be taken into account that the IP must be feasible, that is, that it be viable in the environment and with the available means, as well as in the established time. This section may not be fully or partially required in some academic work modalities.

Duration of the project and schedule In what time and what are the concrete phases of this PI? A prioritized structured calendar of activities is expected that follows a logical and sequential order. Complement with a Gantt chart.

Work team Who will participate in the development of the IP and what will be the tasks that will be assigned to them? In some cases, the academic curriculum of the Principal Investigator (responsible) and the rest of the researchers may be required, emphasizing other previous projects and publications, patents, etc.

Resource plan With what resources do we have (personnel, equipment, goods and services, etc.) and what resources would we need to execute the PI? The contribution of a detailed and justified budget is expected.


Bibliographic references (according to APA style or Vancouver style). You must be very meticulous and rigorous in the correct wording of each reference, avoiding combining styles. All references cited in the text should appear in this section, and all references should appear cited at least once in the text.

Annexes. Materials may be included that, due to their special density or configuration, should not be included in the text, as this would hinder their reading (diagrams, very dense tables, etc.). All annexes must be cited in the text.

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