Simple Tips for Writing a Cover Letter For a Job

Steps that Lead to Excellent Cover Letters

Having the right skills is important if you want to impress recruiters. Unfortunately, most students and first-time job applicants make certain mistakes that cost them even when they are qualified. When writing your cover letter, make sure to apply similar strategies like you would a resume or CV. Some of the most common traits include having the letter stand out in a unique way as this is the best representation of your skills to the unknown recruiter.

What to Include

A great accompanying letter does not just happen since it takes work and sweat to create. This one-paged document must be submitted together with the CV, and should match the contents in the resume since it serves as a backup. To achieve this, make sure it captures the following:

  • Contact details right from the header
  • Greetings addressed to the recruiter
  • A hook that starts from the first paragraph
  • Proof of your skills and academic qualifications
  • Explain why you are perfect for the company
  • Always conclude in a formal way

Detailed Header

Be clear from the start which is the header that is both detailed and relevant. It should have the hiring manager's name if it has been supplied. Make sure this detail is on the right-hand corner, followed by your address and other relevant contact details. Your contact details include your official email address, social media pages, and phone numbers.

Salute the Hiring Manager

You are meant to be addressing the hiring manager which means you need to start with formal greetings. You can mention their names if they are known, or use a general salutation when greeting the manager. It is important to keep it official too.

Start Paragraph

Your first paragraph must be about creating the necessary attention. You want the person reading the cover letter to appreciate you for who you are. Use words that describe you best without going overboard. The most important thing is to ensure that you hook the reader right on.

The Cover Letter’s Body

The body of the content you are writing should be divided into three different parts. The first part should be a description of why you think you are best suited for the job despite the competition you face. There is a high likelihood that you are not the only person applying for this job hence the need to prove that you are the most deserving. Prove yourself in a way that the recruiter will not doubt you.

Why Should The Company Pick You?

While you may be an excellent candidate for the job description, you also need to fit the company’s needs. You must present yourself in a manner that shows you can seamlessly fit into its culture with ease. Find out what they need and apply specifically to match this. Your qualifications should be clear and undisputed.

The best cover letters are written following the steps above. Hire an expert to assist if you need to.

Yardley Finley / August 24, 2020 / Cover letter

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