Writing a Lab Report Chemistry Example

Steps to Follow When Writing a Lab Chemistry Report

Lab reports are not equal, no matter how similar they are, find more information at – www.writemyessaytoday.org website. While most of the formats and procedures applied when writing these reports are similar, different variations make a chemistry report stand out from the rest. For you to write such a professional report for your academic assignment, certain things have to be considered.

  • Do not use personal pronouns and be mindful of tenses; always go for past tense
  • Title Page must be constructed
  • Introduction should be written properly
  • Divided body parts
  • Stick to procedures

Writing the Report

Your tutor will be looking for some of the basic things that make a report stand out as a professional piece. This means that aspects of font, tense, and language used should be prioritized. Always go for font sizes and styles that are legible and easy to see.

Creating the Title Page

One of the most important things to consider when doing a chemistry report is the correct title page. This should include all details that identify you last the student who handled the project. Depending on the instructions, format the title page as required by the instructor. Make sure to include the student name, class information, the date you submitted the work, and also names of team players; all of them separated by a line.

Center the Title Page Details

Apart from the identity details already described above, center the following information:

  1. Experiment’s title
  2. The class title
  3. Title parts of the experiment

You can also choose to include the semester details if you want. The most important thing is to center this information.

Excellent Introduction

Your report should always start with a powerful intro. Start with the subhead title, introduction, and write a short paragraph of the report. You may have to describe the experiment in not more than five sentences. Make sure to include the method used in the experiment and your experiment’s aim and the descriptions of equations and terms.

Break the Body Down

Your report should be great if the body part is properly handled. Most chemistry reports should have the body divided into three major parts. The first part is the procedure where students should describe every step they took through the experiment. The second part is the data where all the methods used to collect information are discussed and then finished with observations.

Procedures Used

This is a list of the steps you took during the experiment. You will probably have to include few equations as you go along since this is a chemistry report. This section can be written in parts, as long as they are marked.

Data Collection

This part of the report’s body should be clearly labeled, to begin with. It is the part that carries the bulk of the calculations, formulas, and tabulated content. Some people may use graphs and pie charts to capture the data. Include correct units for all the measurements that are included in the data.


A good lab report should have an observation section. This should cover all the notable changes you made during the experiment.

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